Friday April 30th, 2021

This Is A Good Book #3: Byrne, Art: The Lean Turnaround

It just can’t go on like this anymore? You’ve known that for a while now?”

That’s why you’ve been experimenting with Scrum or Kanban for some time? It even works quite well already? So you’ve got a taste for it and want to know more. For example, why Kanban is actually done the way it is? You have known for a long time that there is more to “Agile” than New Work hype, (certified) role understandings, meeting cultures and Agile values? Do you want to get to the bottom of it and decipher the source code? In other words:

You want to get even better? And most importantly: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES fall back into the old routines?


Byrne, Art: The Lean Turnaround. Madison, 2012.

Then you will need (good) literature on Lean Management and Lean Organization.

For all practice-oriented doers among managers and executives, i.e. those people who really want to make things happen (and e.g. not just pretend) and therefore want or need to know what it means to get serious about “AGILE” or “LEAN, reading this book by Art Byrne could be a very good and insightful experience.

Art Byrne is probably the world’s most respected lean practitioner. And – incidentally – probably also one of the most successful.

In his book, he shows openly, bluntly and also plainly what executives, management and the organisation expect when they set out to transform the organisation. What to watch out for and also what to expect from all parties involved?


For anyone who wants to take Agile to the next level in their company or department, or introduce Lean ways of working at all and/or even initiate a real Agile or Lean change. This book is not a must-have. But at least a very very helpful can.

Byrne, Art: The Lean Turnaround. Madison, 2012.