Tuesday April 25th, 2023

Coaching Reference Library #8: Workplace Management by Taiichi Ōno

Occasionally I am asked for recommendations for reading. For example, books that were or are important for me as a coach, team coach and consultant. Here is the eighth part of the series on a true classic: Workplace Management by Taiichi Ohno (Ōno).


Although we still act

as if we could avoid doing so, sooner rather than later, we will have to overcome and get rid of unnecessary, expensive, and slow status and powerdriven corporate structures.

At least that is my conviction.

Otherwise, our competitors will easily outstrip us on the market for both sales and skilled workers.

This is already happening today.

And the situation will continue to become worse and worse, and even faster and faster. Just as it has done over the past few years.

  • What does this mean for operations management in general?
  • What should be done differently and how?
  • What different understanding of organization, management and cooperation will make things easier for us?

Workplace Management by Taiichi Ohno is still THE bible for me

when it comes to finding answers to these questions. Exactly that Taiichi Ohno, who is considered the forefather of the Toyota Production System. Without exaggeration, he is regarded as the father of Lean Management.

Strangely though, his work is hardly noticed in management circles (not even in management education).


If you are a manager, executive, consultant, coach, etc. and if you want to know what REALLY matters when it comes to organizing a company in a way that creates value, you will very much enjoy reading this (readable and manageable) management classic.

PS: By the way, Ohno talks mostly about production and not so much about service, but it can easily be adapted.