Why? What for? Who?


“I’m in Show Business. That means I have to show up.”

Bruce Springsteen


Only what is visible can have an impact, can be of help, or even just delight.


That’s what this website is for. To show things that are important to me. Also why and when. Maybe that can be helpful for you.

Most of it is in the making. So anything but finished or even perfect. It’s about learning. And that is a process.


Results are important. But much more important is that and what we experience and learn along the way.


I am Edgar Rodehack. I am an organisational consultant, team developer and coach. So I deal a lot with structures that people give themselves and their organisations.

In my spare time I like to make music in my band Isarelites. I also enjoy reading and writing, for example here on the blog, on The Naked Company or on the Teamworkblog.

I am always dealing with a creative will to create and also a great desire to learn. For myself and for others. In business as well as in private life. That’s what it’s all about here – in all its beautiful facets and details.


If you like my work and it helps you on your learning journey, I would be really happy.

More about me: rodehack.com

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