Monday March 1st, 2021

Learned about Writing #1

Writing can come easy!

Recently, my latest blog post was published on the Teamworkblog. It is the 96th post since my friend and mentor, Jan Fischbach, invited me eight years ago to contribute regularly to the blog.

I can hardly believe how many texts I have written since then. But it confirms me to publish here regularly as well. Because only in this way you get better. By walking step by step I get further, I can learn and become better.

And what did I learn this time? That writing doesn’t have to be super exhausting, I can write in flow.

I really enjoy writing. And yet it’s usually exhausting, almost like a struggle. That’s partly because I’m a perfectionist – especially when it comes to writing. When I write, I have high standards, which leads to editing, rewriting, editing again, rewriting again, etc. while I’m still writing.

This, of course, slows down the process. If there’s enough time, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Because that way I review my thoughts a few times, trying to find the right wording for the specific statement. This helps me not only to fix ideas, but also to shape the message that goes with them in a way that fits me and hopefully the readers.

Often, though, it’s so tough because I don’t work out a vague idea until I’m writing it. That also has its advantages. But it often leads me to dislike WRITING. Although writing has little to do with it. What REALLY bothers me is that I’m dealing with a half-baked idea that I haven’t finished thinking about.

This time I took a different approach and tried a tip for writer’s block. This time, I picked up the idea that struck me as important AND enjoyable and easy at the moment of writing. Well, lo and behold, I was done with the post in just a couple of hours. And satisfied with it, too.

For my inner team consisting in this case of creative writer, (hopefully) competent subject matter expert and critical editor, a real win-win situation. 🙂

What sense do I make of it?

  • “What costs nothing is worth nothing”? Not at all. Results become good especially when I’m in the flow.
  • It helps me to torture myself every now and then while writing so that I can work things out more precisely.

Buchcover von Mihaly Csikszentmihalyis Buch: Flow. Das Geheimnis des GlĂŒcks.What else comes to my mind?