Tuesday April 6th, 2021

Agile? What’s That Suppose To Mean?

“Everything’s been said. Just not yet by everyone.”

Karl Valentin

Have you been ordered to work in an Agile way? Maybe you even want to do it yourself? Now you’ve got a few questions? You are not alone. I, for example, have recently been asked:

What’s the definition of Agile?

This question is NOT easy. In fact, of course, it’s HUGE!

A lot of very smart people have said a lot of smart things about this. Do a quick and simple internet research and you will find out that an entire industry makes a living from answering questions like this. (Ok, I’m part of that industry).

No need for me to try to outsmart all these people. Let me just say, what I usually say when I explain agility VERY briefly:

Agility = Organisational Learning

If you find this not satisfying and you want to know more about how Agile works in DETAIL, I recommend the (free) Scrum-Guide. It gets you up and running and that lasts for a looooong time.

The read is also enough to get the idea of what drives ALL Agile ways of working, like Kanban, Design Thinking, DevOps…

Speaking of Agile and learning

There’s this super-super great talk on this topic: “Velocity City” by Jeff Patton at Scrum Day 2017:

What Else Comes to My Mind


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