Wednesday May 5th, 2021

Organisational Classics #1: The Eight Rules for Total Standstill

Leading, but properly.

Just because, it’s always worthwhile, I’d like to recall the unbeatable and always worth seeing classic of organizational theory AND practice: “The eight rules for total standstill” by Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse.

  1. As a leader, stay out of it completely. OR: Try to have EVERYTHING under control. IN ANY CASE, decide to go to one extreme. Do NOT do anything in between.
  1. Discuss changes EXCLUSIVELY informally. The more rumors the better.
  1. Cause as much activity as possible at the same time, spread OPERATIVE HECTICProvide for constant STRESS!
  1. Call for the most intense internal competition possible. The core message should be: Only those who put in the most effort will survive.
  1. Always and as publicly as possible ask who is to blame for problems! Never improve or solve problems first. ALWAYS ASK EXPLICITLY who screwed up what. And do not forget: FUNDAMENTALLY analyze.
  1. NEVER publicly question the meaning of existing rules. Stop any discussion about it!
  1. Provide quick formal commitment, i.e. decide as quickly and officially as possible. Then informally reconsider these decisions as soon as possible.
  1. In decision-making circles, changes should always be decided faster than they can be executed. Even or JUST IF the previous initiative is still in full swing, NEVER wait to start the next initiative, start it immediately!