Wednesday August 25th, 2021

Just a Reminder: We Don’t Just Have To. We May As Well.

We may. Why? Because we are allowed to.

Believing in the effectiveness of good resolutions

is difficult for me because of the many psycho-biological dynamics. Too often people deceive themselves, mostly automatically, without even realizing it.

THEREFORE resolutions are a great technique. So let’s better leave that.

But what to do instead?

After all, we are the “doers”, the women and men of action who want to make a difference and thus change the world! How can that be done without taking on something?

My suggestion: let’s make a wish!

Wishing is allowed, because it can work wonders – used correctly.

For example, I would especially like

that we start to allow ourselves always to do what is really (!) important to us. Everyone for him- or herself, and everyone as he or she wishes.

Yes, I know that my wish can seem utopian with all the presumed or actual constraints, all our daily duties, tasks and deadlines.

So, please telle me, how that is supposed to work now? Life is not a dream after all!

There is, of course, some truth to these objections. But: if we do not even allow ourselves to wish for something? For us? Perhaps and first of all quite secretly?

If we don’t even allow ourselves to wish and dream? What does this do to us? What does it do to everything that makes up our life? Our future?

And what to our freedom, this supposedly so high good?

It’s simple:

Only when we allow ourselves to do what is really (!) important to us and what brings us closer to what we really (!) want, only then do we allow ourselves to achieve what is really (!) important to us.

Only then do we take advantage of our only chance for success, which is to come close to achieving what is really (!) important to us (!) and also in the way we (!) want it to be for us and others.

This is the only way

to use our personal freedoms for our own satisfaction and to shape our life with all our ability, will and being – and thus of course also that of our partners, our families, our fellow men and women, our colleagues, our teams, our companies.

According to our own (!) ideas, wishes and goals.

It’s easy to overlook this in the rush of everyday life, but:

We are allowed to. And very likely, we even have to if we want to succeed.

The more responsible we are for ourselves and our environment in doing so, the more successful we will be.

As I said, it’s simple.

And anything but easy. Because we always have to fathom our possibilities, that is, the limits of our freedom anew, for example, by negotiating our goals and desires, our ideas of meaningful goals, right ways and best methods with our immediate surrounding.

This means regularly stepping out of familiar waters, getting to know new things, thinking, saying and doing things different from what has been valid for us so far or – presumably – what is expected of us.

Then it means to come out of the cover and to make our opinions known, to demand exactly what we (!) really (!) consider to be right and important.

This is always exhausting and conflictual.

Obstructive patterns of thought and action must be uncovered and overcome. And any number of social, societal and also personal interests have to be balanced in a good, compatible way.

But the effort is worth it. Because it guarantees us personal success and a maximally good and satisfied time.

Will we allow ourselves to strive for what we (!) really (!) wish?

Will we allow ourselves to be what and how we (!) really (!) are?

I certainly hope so. Because: We may.