Friday March 5th, 2021

Hey Boss, what’s this all about?

“There’s just: Doing it.”

Bruce Springsteen.

Back then, I also sang along to “Born in the USA” at school parties. But I was actually too young to understand what I was actually chanting. Let alone whose song verses I was loudly singing. But this much I felt: There is energy in this and also in the other songs of the then already legendary record.

It was only much later that I discovered the musician Bruce Springsteen and his work for myself. Because at first my musical path – child of my time that I was – led me along, well, rather poppier paths.

Then at some point I came across an “Essentials” CD, which introduced to me the original and powerful early work of the “second Bob Dylan”. Since then I have been following with interest the work of the “Last Rock’n’Roller Standing”.

It is not so much his music that fascinates me. Rather, it is Springsteen’s attitude, his way of doing and living art and music. It would probably be more accurate to say: his basic work ethic as an artist. In other words, how he lives and practices his profession.

Bruce Springsteen gave an insight into this world in 2012 in a keynote speech at the SXSW music trade fair in Texas that is well worth hearing and reading.

A truly enlightening and inspiring talk. Not only for musicians, but for everyone who approaches their business professionally.

Just the right way to start the weekend!




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