Wednesday April 21st, 2021

This Is A Good Book #2: Gerald Hüther: Würde

“Everywhere, in production, in trade, in finance, in families and clans, even in churches and monasteries, there were people who told others what to do. And everywhere in these hierarchies the subordinates strove with all their strength to rise to higher positions. This was possible through the acquisition of a particularly large amount of knowledge and skills, but above all through new discoveries and inventions that they made, i.e. through all those things that we today call scientific and technical innovations. The competition for corresponding opportunities for promotion through outstanding performance inevitably led to the fact that the world in which people lived, initially still quite manageable, expanded enormously and became ever more complex.”

Hüther, Gerald: Würde: Was uns stark macht – als Einzelne und als Gesellschaft. München, 2018