Wednesday November 24th, 2021

Coaching Library #1: Gerhard Roth


There is an endless amount of literature on the subject of coaching and consulting. Which of these books are or were significant for me, my work and especially my understanding of my professional role as a coach, team coach and consultant in any way. Quite a few, that’s for sure. Here is the beginning of the series.Today: Gerhard Roth: ” Persönlichkeit, Entscheidung und Verhalten” & “Über den Menschen”.



Coaching means

Helping other people – coachees – so that they have a grip and orientation again. And that means with what they want to achieve on their own. Basically, anyone can help. So: Everyone can coach. I think that as many people as possible should do it. Because we all have life experience, which can be of really good help to other people when the situation is right.

However, we should make it clear

That coaching does not mean giving advice. Or imposing his/her opinion, goals or wishes on other people. In other words, coaching is a craft that requires some basics that can and should be learned. And because it is a craft, it also requires: practice.

For those who want to take care of the fundamentals

I recommend these two books by behavioural physiologist and neurobiologist Gerhard Roth. Because here you will find everything that is required for coaching: All the basics which are taught in good coaching training (practical formats are not shown here, because would be out of place here):

    • Why coaching?
    • How do people change?
    • What role does coaching play?
    • What exactly is coaching?
    • What is a coaching process?
    • What works how at what level?
    • What is the scientific (and especially neuroscientific) background?
    • What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
    • What are the limits?
    • Who is responsible for what in this game?
    • And and and…

Particularly ” Persönlichkeit, Entscheidung und Verhalten”, is a basic work

that can be helpful to all people who deal professionally or also honorarily with people who are in situations of change (so, for example, managers, doctors, therapists, group leaders) and want to give their actions and work a better professional foundation.

For all people who are considering developing in this direction and who therefore want to know what matters, I recommend these books by Gerhard Roth:

Not only because Gerhard Roth provides comprehensive information on all important topics

but also how he does it: ultra-founded, of course. However, above all, with very great respect for people, their so-being and – even if this sounds a bit pompous now – life itself. And that includes explicitly the life of animals and plants.

My coaching bible(s). There’s nothing more to say.

(But one more thing: The Bibles, which do NOT replace a coaching education. For this, we simply have too much responsibility as coaches and consultants!)